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About InCerebro

From The Mind Come Drugs of the Future

inCerebro is a pharmaceutical research and development company with a focus on computational platform combining artificial intelligence (AI) with physics-based methods.

Our MIND (Modeling with Intelligence for Novel Drugs) platform embodies every facet of computational drug discovery, incorporating AI technologies whenever possible for each module, which is based on solid foundation of computer simulations according to physical laws. Particularly, our strength lies in the application of quantum mechanical calculations.

The main modules of MIND platform include Water Pharmacophore, QM/MM docking, automatic globular/membrane MD, AI-driven BAR free energy, and Qcharge-VM2 free energy, and are ever expanding based on our extensive scientific research evidenced by numerous publications.

Our mission is to translate cutting edge science into a drug discovery platform that will enable development of drugs that have never even been imagined before so as to better human health and lives.